Why should you offer LifeSecure insurance?

Traditional benefits like life, health, dental and disability insurance are essential components of a strong benefits package – but these benefits may not be enough anymore. LifeSecure offers non-traditional insurance plans that provide you and your employees with more choices and protection.

Our insurance plans supplement traditional health plans to help you and your employees protect health and income, cover the unexpected and prepare for the future. Whether you have a few employees or a few hundred, we’ve got you covered.

And, our insurance products can be offered in variety of ways, using the approach that best fits your company’s unique situation.

  • 100% voluntary
  • With employer contribution
  • 100% employer paid

Insurance plans can be complicated… but not with LifeSecure! Here’s what you can expect from us:

  • Straightforward plan designs and insurance solutions to help round out your company’s benefit package 
  • Tremendous flexibility in both plan design and how benefits can be used 
  • Cost-effective, innovative products
  • Outstanding customer service
  • A full suite of easy-to-understand benefits materials to educate and engage your staff 
  • Superior online capabilities – everything can be done online, from enrollment to administration

Advantages for Employers

  • Help Attract and Retain Key Employees
  • Easy Online Group Administration
  • Agent Supported Marketing and Enrollment Assistance
  • Possible Tax Advantages

Advantages for Employees

  • Straight-forward Plan Design Choices
  • Individual Policy (Portable)
  • Automatic Payroll Deductions
  • Online Application

We offer the following insurance products for your employees; click on any product to learn more:

Long Term Care

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When your employees face a chronic illness or disability, they may need help with things like eating, bathing and dressing. Getting this type of assistance can be expensive. And health insurance typically does not cover this type of care.

Now you can offer them a long-term care insurance plan from LifeSecure that includes:

  • Coverage for home care, assisted living, adult day care or nursing facilities
  • A flexible benefit that helps cover the cost of informal care, products and services
  • Care advisor services that are available on the first day of coverage and may extend to other family members

Hospital Recovery

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When your employees have a hospital stay, their health plan will help cover their medical bills. A Hospital Recovery Insurance plan from LifeSecure can get them the money they need to help pay for other expenses, such as:

  • Home care
  • Housekeeping
  • Child care
  • Remaining hospital bills

Personal Accident

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When one of your employees gets injured, they may need help paying for the unexpected costs that come along with the injury. An Accident Insurance plan from LifeSecure can help your employees pay for things like:

  • Out-of-pocket medical expenses, such as deductibles or copays
  • Housekeeping
  • Child care
  • Transportation while they recover

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