What is Hospital Recovery Insurance?

Complement Your Traditional Medical Coverage

Should you experience a hospital stay, traditional medical coverage provides benefits for medical costs during your stay.

Once your hospital stay is over, you can rely on Hospital Recovery insurance to help cover certain expenses related to your recovery – which allows you to focus on healing.

Why should you have it?

Hospital stays are shorter...

The average hospital stay has declined over the past 10 years – now an average of 4.6 days1. Shorter stays may mean additional out-of-pocket costs before a patient reaches full recovery. Hospital Recovery benefits may help cover some of these extra costs.

Why should you have it?

...while hospital expenses have gone up.

The average cost of a hospital stay can be a significant cost to family finances as medical deductibles continue to increase — Hospital Recovery benefits can help cover out-of-pocket expenses.

Why should you have it?

Observation care is increasing

More patients are being placed under observation care for longer periods of time as an alternative to an inpatient admission2. Hospital Recovery Insurance also provides coverage for care in an observation unit (in certain states3)


How can you use it?

You can use Hospital Recovery insurance benefits for:

Transportation, child care, housekeeping or anything else — which provides peace of mind and allows you to recover with less worry.

Why LifeSecure Hospital Recovery Insurance?

LifeSecure helps you stay in control of unexpected costs so that you can focus on recovery.

We believe insurance should be easy to understand, effortless to buy and simple to use.

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1 Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, H-CUP Statistical Brief #246, December 2018

2 Medical Care Research and Review, Increasing Trends in the Use of Hospital Observation Services for Older Medicare Advantage and Privately Insured Patients. July 2017

3 Hospital Recovery Insurance with Observation Coverage is available in all states except: ID, IN, NY and OR